☽ just a few songs that help me purify my mind, meditate, concentrate, etc. ☾

1. the moon she dances - prana

Image by alfisova tarot, tarot cards, and the high priestess image

2. the song of the golden dragon - estas tonne

fantasy image anime, art, and asian image

3. the wisdom of minerva - michael levy

athena, parliament, and vienna image intelligent, percy, and annabeth image

*4* reincarnation - susanne sundfør

flowers, witch, and magic image art, gaia, and mother earth image

5. solitary daughter - bedouine

alone, purple, and solitary image Swan image

6. moon mother - lisa thiel

moon, witch, and night image witch, aesthetic, and dark image

7. mantra - susanne sundfør

aesthetic and vintage image aesthetic, vintage, and witch image

8. helvegen - wardruna

rain, nature, and forest image iceland, landscape, and viking village image