hope everybody is doing okay, I've been thinking about doing a playlist for some time now, so here it is.

Dabeull x Darius Feat Kunta - Love You So Much

alternative, boy, and indie image grunge, disco, and party image
this man's music is a blessing


kpop, noir, and sunmi image blue, bowling, and fun image
a gay man and a lesbian woman making music about a heterosexuel couple= PERFECTION

Mac Miller - God Is Fair, Sexy Nasty (feat. Kendrick Lamar)

aesthetic, beige, and girl image vintage, phone, and aesthetic image
A MASTERPIECE, that's all what I have to say


art, orange, and theme image asian, girl, and bangs image
Ugh... the vibe, the song, the music video, everything is on point

Kali Uchis - Tyrant ft. Jorja Smith

aesthetic, grunge, and theme image blonde image
Well mira mira miralo, papi esta rico, papi esta guapo

Ready 2 Ride - Jungle Pussy (ft.QUIN)

black, men, and melanin image 00s, 2000s, and 90s image
This song is for all my sexy man out there

These are some favorite songs, hope you'll like it. If u have any recommendation feel free to text me.

Have a nice day! BYE.