hi there, how are you? today i'm just sharing more ts things hehehe.

taylor swift went on a brilliant tour a few years ago. yes, i mean reputation - but also, i'm talking about 1989, and i've been watching all the old footage and documentaries and feeling nostalgic because i can't remember everything from when i went to the concert - and iphones weren't super advanced then.

so here's the speech she gave before performing all you had to do was stay.

“i wish any time you said to someone, 'do you want to be with me?', i wish they’d just say 'yes' or 'no.' i wish they never said 'maybe' or 'i don’t know' to you because you don’t deserve 'maybe' or 'i don’t know.' i wish you never had to wonder if someone loves you back. i wish you never found yourself in a grey area. i don’t ever want anybody to ever send you mixed signals. i don’t ever want anybody to wait eight hours to text you back and mess with your head. because waiting eight hours to text somebody back is rude. that’s not flirting. i want things to be simple for you, and i want you to be happy. and i guess that in terms of relationships, i wish that there were just two options, and i think this would simplify things a great deal. i wish that the options you had in a relationship were either you leave or you stay.”

hands up if you agree. thanks for reading!

- c