Almost all people today has some kind of eating habits. It includes the food we choose, timing, frequency of eating.

The latest eating trends are not all about dieting. Choosing a diet is choosing beliefs that strongly influence the way we behave, eat, and what we talk about.
Let’s see what types of diets we have at this moment that influence not only our weight but also the way we act.

The ’80s were a time of vegetarianism growth. Then it was more related to subcultures. Now there are many types of vegetarianism, such as pure Vegans, red meat-free Pescatarians, red and white meat-free Lacto Vegetarians.

There are four main reasons that people become vegetarians:
they want to improve their health,
altruistic reasons,
religious convictions.

Vegetarianism advantages:
it lowers blood pressure, cholesterol, risk of diabetes,
helps to lose weight, and of course,
improves view-point towards animals.

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Dairy-free Diet
Studies point out that milk is addictive because protein casein found in dairy products releases opiates called casomorphins.
One more question is why is it normal to drink cow’s milk but not cats milk? Cows are milked when they’re pregnant when their hormone levels increase, so many hormones are found in milk!

This diet:
helps lose weight,
treats acne.

Gluten-free Diet
This diet is about avoiding proteins found in wheat, barley, rye, and other grains.
Not so many of us know that there are some concerns regarding the narcotic-like effect of gluten on the brain.

reduces digestive symptoms,
boosts energy,
helps lose weight.

Fructose-free Diet
Fructose is a sugar found in fruit, vegetables, and honey. Fruits and especially fruit juices have high levels of fructose.
Fructose consumption is related to hormone disruption, gas, bloating.

Pros of this diet:
decreases blood level,
weight loss,
improves dental health.

Paleo diet is dairy-free, gluten-free, and also excludes legumes, hydrogenated oils, refined sugars.

This diet is related to beliefs that to be healthy we should return to how hunter-gatherers ate because our bodies are unable to adapt to such food.

Better appetite control,
weight loss,
better blood pressure control.

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