I decided to prepare a post with the following tips, which I myself made up for myself in cases when I feel very bad or sad and I don't know where to start.

🐥 1. let yourself cry, suffer, be sad. accept your condition. this is one of your dozen states. yes, now you may not like it very much, but this is your absolutely natural state !!! but the most important thing is to cry no longer than 25-30 minutes. 25-30 minutes are your sincere tears. further, there are usually far-fetched problems or tears "on the machine". in the comments I will leave a link to a post with breathing techniques that I myself use when I cry too much ...

🐥 2. we cried, became sad, now we need to defuse the situation. include what you like. music helps a lot. make a playlist in advance of what cheers you up, music in major tones (I don’t know, well, it’s like that’s called ....). or save your favorite episodes from your favorite TV series or a playlist on YouTube with your favorite vidos. if there is nothing like that, then you can listen to something in Pavlik's playlists, there is a lot of nice music !!!!

🐥 3. Start a dialogue with yourself. right now you are in no hurry, the planet is spinning, the world is moving, life goes on. you have all the time in the world to conduct a dialogue with yourself. just don't worry, relax.

why are you so upset ?? answer the question honestly and call a spade a spade. try to get to the bottom of the problem, to understand the situation in as much detail as possible, and not just "I can't do anything." if all your thoughts are negative, then it is no surprise that you are stressed or anxious. and although it seems to us that our thoughts reflect reality, this is not always the case. Write down all your thoughts, and then under each write facts that confirm / refute it. you will be surprised how many of your thoughts are contrived and untrue.

in the comments I will leave links to two posts: in one - how to read your emotions, in the second - how we can deceive ourselves.

you can still ask yourself the right questions:
for reality check
- what evidence is there for / against my thoughts?
- Am I jumping to an unfounded negative conclusion?
- how can I tell if my thoughts correspond to reality?

to find additional explanation
- from what other angle can you look at this situation?
- what else can all this mean?
- If I wasn't under stress now, how would I react to the situation?

to look at things in the long run
- what's the best thing that can happen in the end?
- is there anything good in this situation?
- will it matter in five years?

questions about goals
- Will the way I think now help me achieve my goals?
- what can I do to help me solve these problems?
- what can I take out of this situation that will help me cope better next time?

🐥 4. there are no hopeless situations. just remember this, zay. if something doesn't work out the way the other person does, that's okay. it is normal that something is not going according to plan. your case is not an exception to the norm and a sad example for textbooks ..... do not invent it. it just takes a different approach to different situations. let's look for an approach to your situation.

as soon as you deal with your emotions, start making plans about how you will move on. the first step is always the hardest thing to do, but in a year you will remember this situation and be proud of yourself and your inner strength !!!!!