Blood carries such nutrition, sufficient nutrition is essential for healthy hair. Therefore, good or bad blood flow affects the health of hair and hair loss, and if the blood flow in the scalp deteriorates, it causes hair loss, and sometimes need Hair Loss Treatment

However, "overdoing" exercise is not good for hair. If you work too hard, your body will temporarily become anaerobic. Care must be taken as it increases active oxygen in the blood and damages hair roots.

The muscles used in daily life are at most 20 to 30%. If muscles are not used, capillaries are not sufficiently formed and tend to become stiff. Exercise activates muscles, widens capillaries, and distributes nutrients to every corner, making them more flexible.

Stretching the upper body increases blood flow * For both men and women
If you immerse yourself in a PC or mobile phone for a long time, your nerves will continue to be overstressed, which will impair peripheral blood flow. Also, if you keep the same posture for a long time at desk work, the muscle trapeziums muscle that covers the entire back becomes stiff, which also causes poor circulation.
First, stretch your upper body to improve blood flow and deliver blood to your scalp.

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Exercise1: Improve blood flow by turning shoulders + eliminate stiff shoulders

The trapezius muscle, which covers the entire back, is the largest muscle in the body. If you take the same posture for a long time at desk work such as a personal computer, the trapezius muscles become stiff and blood circulation becomes poor. It can also cause stiff shoulders.

(1) Place both hands on your shoulders, raise your elbows from the side of your ears to your head, and rotate your arms in a large circle around your shoulders (forward rotation). Repeat about 10 times.

(2) Perform the movement of [1] from behind (turn backwards). Repeat about 10 times.

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Exercise2: Neck stretch activates blood flow around the neck

(1) Put both hands together and lightly put your middle finger on the chin and exhale to prepare.

(2) While inhaling, lightly push up the chin with both hands so as to extend the front side of the neck. Take 3 deep breaths in this state. While exhaling, turn your face back to the front.

(3) Next, put both hands on the back of the head and take a breath to prepare. While exhaling, gently tilt your head forward as if you were stretching the back of your neck. Take 3 deep breaths in this state. Raise your head while inhaling.

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