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Here is another list of my favourite k-drama I've been watched recently.

Let me start with

Oh my venus

Comedy / romance

It's a story about A lawyer acsedantly meat a personal trainer who obsesses with leading a healthy lifestyle and she aske him to help her back in to her shape and live a healthy life
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If you want a motivation to start a healthy life then you should watch this series

legand of the blue sea

Comedy /fantasy/ romance

Tell a story about a mermaid fall in love with a con-artist and how she travel across the ocean to find him.
actor, korean, and lee min ho image amazing, legend of the blue sea, and kdrama image
It's romance, fun, action, every thing i like is in this series

It's okay to not be okay

Comedy/ drama /romanc

It's about a children book writer suffer from antisocial personality disorder and she never know love meet a health worker at psychiatric ward And they defy fate and fall in love.
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The story is realy amazing and the fashion omg 😍

mystic pop-up bar

Comedy /fantasy /mystery

A woman with ability to enter dreams running a bar with a young man who has a unique ability, they start together to help their customer to resolve their emotional trouble.
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the story is beautiful, funny and unlike any other series from the same type this has a happy ending

Thanke you so much for reading hope you enjoy it,
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