Yah ! So ap
As we all know that we always had or have that habit of changing ourselves in many ways and trying to please people around us . We Always try to suppress our real happiness so that people can find us attractive. But we don't realise that "PLEASING PEOPLE " is a SHIT.
We stop doing that kiddo things, we stop enjoying things we used to enjoy coz we feel that , " ohh ! People'll say that I am still a kid I am not a kid anymore I shouldn't do this . Uggh ! Fuck that shit ! We should always KEEP ON doing things we LOVE no matter what it is . It maybe acting childishly, watching cartoons at your 20s or anything else.
We should keep on doing that coz that's where our happiness lies . And "OTHER PEOPLE'S OPINION FOR YOU DOESN'T MATTERS"....LIVE IT FOR YOU OWNSELF , FOR YOUR OWN HAPPINESS, FOR YOUR OWN PEACE. ❤️😇