Check out the article where I manifested and planned out what I wanted to find when thrifting like 2 weeks ago

I haven't written an article is sooo long. I missed it. School has been keeping me very busy and very unmotivated but today I actually had a productive, good day and thought the perfect way to end was to do this virtual thrift haul. Yeah so I was going to show actual pics of me wearing the stuff I got but I realized I only took pics of half the haul because the other half was in the wash but the pics were crappy anyway :/ so I'm just gonna focus on the aesthetic and do this by color and describing what I actually bought in the caption. Alrighty Lessgooo!

Here's a lil less than half of the clothes I actually took pics of if you wanna see the actual stuff.


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Starting off w/ yellow. Pastel yellow was one the most popular colors of this entire thrift haul. I got 3 tops of this color. I got a cropped V-neck (for FREE!!) and this grandma tank top vest thing ($1.99) at Salvation Army. And an Oversized random Tee with a light blue graphic ($.99) at Goodwill. Love all these items and was such a great deal.
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Green. Was something I was consciously on the haunt for. All shades of green have been a must and this reflects. At the Seattle Goodwill (Omg it was hectic and crowded bc it was labor day. Seatlle GW is overated but I did find some faves) I found a long-sleeve almost lime green crop top with lacey detailing. Definitely one of my favorite tops now ($4.00). Also got an oversize deep green button up ($8.00). Love both these pieces. They'll be frequently worn/
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Blue. At another GW I found a light blue t-shirt from H&M ($3.00) and I want to crop it. Its cute and simple.
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Browns/Neutrals. Out of all the colors, neutral tones were def the ones i was looking for the most. I bought a dark brown, thick long-sleeve ($3.00) and a brown cheetah print grandma sweater ($4.00) The sweater was looks so good. It was very out there for me but I'm incredibly glad I bought it. The one neutral tone I got was this ribbed, once again, grandma with a very pretty square neckline ($2.50). Love it, just need to crop it.
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Red. This was an underrated color of this haul, no lie. But anyways, I bought a plain red grandma sweatshirt from Banana republic($2.00). Are y'all noticing a theme? I describe it as grandma because it almost balloon sleeves and this folding detailing in the shoulders. At first I didn't like it but my said it complimented my figure so :D! The last top was was actually an old school kaelin bomber jacket ($10.00). I love it. It has this great potential and makes me feel I'm from the 80s.


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Now my mother hated these. I bought the two different beige joggers. She described them as grandpa pants because although they were joggers, they were like slacks and chino pants because they were tapered and this crease down the front. I was unsure of them as well but my mom was fr about to fight me for buying them with my own money so I ofc I bought them to defy her >.<. I tried them on at home and loved them, super comfy. And going through my likes on Asos I saw a had pants just like these on one of my boards so yeah
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Last but not least jeans!! Jeans were a success. I really wanted flare pants and I was able to find a great light wash pair for $7.00! They fit amazingly, I wore them on my birthday and honestly they made the outfit. I can't wait to stunt on classmates and show my assets bc hot damn I look good in these. I got another pair of baggy jeans but these were more of medium blue wash ($4.00) and are quite a bit longer. i love them. They look so good with my sneakers, specifically my adidas cloudfoam (basically knock off stan smiths but not knock offs?? bc they're adidas as well)

So if u read my manifestation board you know what I was searching for primarily and enough I couldn't find any true sweater vests or get any accessories, I did get sweaters and jeans tho! All in all, I'm incredibly happy with what I got and can't wait to go again. Slowly building up my closest and my shoe game (check out the article below). Manifesting and writing these boards actually work and it's incredibly calming and fun. I was do this atleast weekly and just write about whatever. I also want friends on her so hmu!! dont be shy!! I'll do a get to know me tag type thing maybe but anyways good night yall. Thanks for reading!!

literally already got two shoes off of this board already. Black mid blazers and the Air Max Veronas. Bless up