Fall Fashion Essentials

Image by Nikky A.

Autumn is a great time to refresh your wardrobe and piece together layers for new looks. Here is my list of fall essential items I like for this cozy season! My first item is hair accessories, fabric headbands and statement hair elastics make a casual outfit pop. I love plaid patterns and beige tones for neutral looks.

autumn, fall, and fashion image

Another key fall item is the denim jacket! There’s so many great variations with this type of coat too, like mine is a combination of jersey and denim. Denim jackets are great for days you need to layer when it’s cold in the morning or evenings. This piece also works well with leggings, khaki/trousers and long skirts!

addidas, running shoes, and autumn image adidas, autumn, and fall image

White sneakers. I know what you’re thinking, white any shoe is impossible to keep clean, but hear me out! White running shoes, especially the slim cut kind, look amazing with dresses and skirts! You can have comfort and still look elegant. Yes, this type of shoe is best worn for walking and not near mud and wet grass. You might still have to wipe your shoes off after being outside, but it is worth it! Also, I like a white shoe with a colour accent, mine has rose gold heels.

autumn, fall, and white tee image

White t-shirt and black jeans always look great in autumn. Black and white outfits in general work with fall, because the wonderful colours outside makes your outfit stand out.

acid wash jeans, autumn, and fall image

Mom jeans or cuffed jeans are another great comfy look for the fall. In general, go with a lighter wash, or acid wash like my pair, and you can pair it with graphic tees or a blouse. I recommend high waisted, but if that’s not your jam, go with a mid rise style. These pants work with crop tops and a tucked in shirt look.

autumn, blazer, and fall image

Blazers and hoodies, they sound like total opposites (professional vs casual). However, put the two together and you have a cozy going out look! The blazer-hoodie combination is also a great choice when it’s too warm for a heavy coat. As well, a hoodie with pockets means you don’t have to worry about bringing a purse for your phone, but you still look classy with your blazer.

autumn, fall, and fashion image

Leather items are a key fall look. You definitely don’t need real leather, and more people prefer faux leather now anyways! A leather jacket is great for giving your look a soft edge and works with dresses or jeans. I also like leather backpacks as an accessory with my look when going out.

autumn, fall, and fashion image

Colourful looks in fall are important too! Mustard yellows, rust oranges and reds and even pinks make for a nice fall aesthetic. Try pairing a corduroy skirt with a turtleneck, crop top or long. Ribbed shirts like mine above also adds texture and style to your look without needing accessories.

cardigan, ootd, and autumn image

Finally, long cardigans and chunky sweaters are a must for cold autumn days! These items transition nicely for winter outfits too. Dark reds, like maroon and dark orange sweaters work well with black or dark jeans. I hope this article gives you some inspiration for your ootds during the spooky season!