hi there :)
I was thinking on creating a groupchat with people from here to talk or whatever

I'll do it on instagram cause more people use it but I can make one on twitter if you want too

if u want to come in send me;
• your name
• age
• where you're from (country)
•your ig account
•your tt if u want on twitter too

some rules;
• be active or it will be a dead groupchat and that's just a bummer
• don't send hate of any kind. just be nice b*tch

about me;
• my name is lays, I'm 19 years old
• my birthday it's on october, 11th
• I'm from brazil's northeast
• I like music, books, tv shows and all of that
• I love learning about other countries and languages
• just see my profile you'll know I'm a nice girl

hope u want do join, at least 2 people and I'll do it,
k bye :)