Would you get out of my head, please?
I need a break from thinking about you
Wondering about what you are doing
Wondering if you want to talk
Why you won't text
Wondering if you think of me

I have too many questions to ask
How have you been?
How was your trip?
Who did you meet?
Do you still like this movie?
What do you think of this?
What plans do you have?
Did anything bad happen?

What are you thinking right now?

I want to tell you things too
My plans and aspirations
My fears and insecurities
My new interests and hobbies
To tell you about my family
Tell you about my mum
Tell you that I wished I had you then

All I know is I want to talk to you
Have you near and look at you
It’s been so long, too long
I'm not sure why but I crave you
I crave your presence close to mine

I try to not to be greedy
I need to know you better, however
I wonder what it would be like
To have you close, closer than before

My heartbeat racing
Feeling your breath against my skin
A chill going down my spine
Fingers caressing the nape of your neck
Your arms wrapped around my waist
And feel your heart racing like mine

I wonder