(And guess what, they're all weird af.)

Hello everyone! Who would have thought I would publish two articles no one asked for in one night? Certainly not me. But here we are, for your entertainment.

Let me just tell you: Germans are a bunch of weirdos. I am allowed to say that because I grew up in germany, in fact I am german, and not only have I observed the stuff happening in this country, no, I also absorbed some of it, lol.

So here we go - ten weird ways german people describe stuff.

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1. ''It's not the yellow of the egg''

Es ist nicht grad' das Gelbe vom Ei.

You basically say this when you think something is not good enough.
It may be okay, can be valued, but could be better. Probably because many people love the yellow part of their eggs the most and call it the best part. Idek man.

2. ''I think I am being kicked by a horse/ I believe a horse is kicking me.''

ich glaub', mich tritt'n Pferd.

Oh my GOD, Margarete just kissed Günther! No one expected that.
The whole damn village feels like they're dreaming.
In a moment of shock, this is what you say when you cannot believe something is happening.

3. ''I think my pig is piping''

Also ich glaube mein Schwein pfeift!

Don't ask me where that came from! People have a tendency to use this out of anger, and something disrespectful happens. It's like ''Oh my god, I cannot believe you just did/said that, what the hell, how dare you''.

4. ''Have you been left by all the good ghosts?!''

Bist du von allen guten Geistern verlassen?!

- Are you completely out of your mind?!

5. ''You're not exactly the brightest candle on the cake now, are you.''

Du bist jetzt auch nicht die hellste Kerze auf der Torte, oder?

I think this one speaks for itself. Still - what's with all the food???

6. ''You banging bag.''

Du Knalltüte.

When someone is crazy but in a funny way; it is more like an old kind of saying and it isn't used that often anymore.

Totally a genz way to put things. Empty, floating around...nah jk.

7. ''Holy Bim-Bam!''

(Ach du) heiliger Bim-Bam!

Once again, this is used in situations that make people shake their heads in disbelief, but also when something bad happens, like an ''Oh no!'' moment or when a day has been a lot to handle. It is often used when kids are around because it's not cussing, but it has the same meaning as 'holy sh*t' I guess.

8. ''The food is good, you can get married.''

Ist gut, kannst heiraten.

We're back with the food, lol. Germans also have a saying that love goes through the stomach, and this old saying is a way of complimenting the chef. Even if it is a married person, it is used as a joke.

9. ''Have a nice party evening.''

Schönen Feierabend dir.

The actual translation of saying: 'Enjoy your free time' when someone is about to finish and leave work.

10. ''That's sausage to me.''

Is' mir Wurst.

- I don't care at all.

(Once again: germans.love.food.lmao)

That's it guys!

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