Hi loves! It's been a little while but I'm back with a little article that I hope will help some of you out in growing on social media. I personally love instagram and love being able to reach a bunch of different people and express myself through my pictures and stories. So I thought I would give you all a few tips & tricks that have worked for me and can hopefully help you:

1) Find your niche: This means know what your account is about and who your audience is

2) Engage with your followers: This means watching people's stories, liking pictures, dming people, commenting on people's posts and replying to comments under your own posts

3) Use relevant hashtags: And no I don't mean #fashion or #beauty, I mean try to find smaller hashtags that are really specific to your post and use them to grow your audience

4) Use new features: Everytime instagram puts out a feature they boost your engagement if you use the feature a lot, so post stories and reels lol

5) Network: Find accounts that are similar to yours and try to boost engagement by sharing your audience through story posts or tagging each other

6) Layout: Okay I'm not saying this is the most important one but like you need to have a nice feed and a cool bio so people get a good first impression fo your account and want to follow you

Overall I think those tips should help because they have helped me over the years and also I'm making an instagram engagement groupchat for those of you who are looking to grow your following on social media and etc. We can like each other's posts, comment, work on our feeds, and generally get better engagement! :)

So if you want to be added follow me on instagram @/rachaellism (https://www.instagram.com/rachaellism) and I'll follow you back and add you! ♡