All of my song of the day selections from September 1 to the 19 for the year 2020. The remaining dates will be included in my Autumn/ October playlist for this year which will include my #SOTD choices from September 20 all the way through Halloween. That's why this months playlist is shorter. Autumn's almost here!
(Just like last month, all of my throwback Thursday songs will be marked)

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Sarah Come Home - Allie X

adventure, cozy, and fjord image europe image
I know you've got places that you run away to, leave little traces so I can find you

Easy Street - Larkin Poe

beach and bike image autumn, city, and amsterdam image
Time's are hard but they're real, keep my shoulder to the wheel till I walk on that easy street

The Chain - Fleetwood Mac

autumn, fall, and leaves image girl, mountains, and nature image
And if you don't love me now, you will never love me again #TBT

Intruders - Jessie Reyez

nature, travel, and landscape image nature, travel, and world image
I wrote you a love song, a war song, I'll sing it when the ships come, yeah, I'll die for my state

Reflection (2020) - Christina Aguilera

autumn, cold, and girl image girl, travel, and goals image
I won't pretend that I'm someone else for all time

Surrender - Natalie Taylor

nature, travel, and landscape image dog, travel, and nature image
No one will win this time, I just want you back. I'm running to your side flying my white flag.

Break My Heart Again - FINNEAS

mountains, nature, and travel image alone, dark, and nature image
Leave me wonderin' why the hell I ever let you in. Are you the definition of insanity? Or am I?


wine, drink, and party image wine image
So I'll drink this wine like it's medicine for the mind

Wish You Were Sober - Conan Gray

girl, eyes, and black and white image light, photography, and tumblr image
Nineteen, but you act twenty-five now

My Prerogative - Bobby Brown

jem, warlock, and theresa image alternative, boy, and city image
Everybody's talking all this stuff about me, why don't they just let me live? #TBT

Busy Boy - Chloe x Halle

kiss, love, and couple image boy, leonardo dicaprio, and black and white image
That's why the nice guys, they will always last, that's why the playboys always finish fast

100 Bandaids (Stripped) - Faouzia

Inspiring Image on We Heart It coffee, vintage, and photography image
I don't wanna be the bearer of bad news, 'cause it breaks my heart to break yours in two

Vanilla - Holly Humberstone

halsey image Image by αทαťҽɾɾα☼☽☆゚
And I could go on and on and on and on and on, but the truth is, I have my best nights without you

September Song - JP Cooper

girl, inspo, and photography image aesthetic, girl, and indie image
Sometimes I think that I see your face in the strangest of places. down on the underground station passing by

i loved you first - joan

photography image couple image
You keep running away when I need you most, running away when I get too close

Breathe - Seinabo Sey

pink, roses, and rose gold image amazing, city, and discover image
I love it here 'cause I don't have to explain to them why I'm valuable, that I'm magical

September - Earth, Wind & Fire

love, couple, and kiss image aesthetic, indie, and lovers image
Our hearts were ringin' in the key that our souls were singin' #TBT

Joke's On You - Charlotte Lawrence

freedom, rain, and woman image Image by αทαťҽɾɾα☼☽☆゚
And now I'm laughing through my tears, I'm crying through my fear

Got Your Number - Serena Ryder

feet, vintage, and home image door image
It's 36 steps to the front door, baby. Step 29, gonna see what you done. but it's too late, too late, the changes are gonna come.