holaaaa! today i'm ranking all the songs from taylor swift's seventh studio album, lover - released in 2019 - and i hope you enjoy reading this article.

1. lover

2. cruel summer

Taylor Swift, Elle, and Swift image Taylor Swift and singer image lover, Lyrics, and Taylor Swift image mtv, Taylor Swift, and vmas image

3. miss americana & the heartbreak prince

4. paper rings / false god

Taylor Swift image lover and Taylor Swift image aesthetic, beauty, and dress image Taylor Swift and lover image

5. soon you'll get better / daylight

6. the man / the archer

Taylor Swift, the man, and 2020 image Taylor Swift image camera, lover, and photo image lover, mv, and Swift image

7. death by a thousand cuts / me!

8. i think he knows

concert image icon, Taylor Swift, and lq image Taylor Swift image Taylor Swift and singer image

9. cornelia street

10. you need to calm down

Taylor Swift image aesthetic, clouds, and lover image concert, favourite, and music image lover, music, and Taylor Swift image

11. afterglow / i forgot that you existed

12. it's nice to have a friend

aesthetic, celebrity, and fashion image Taylor Swift image Image by emma :) Taylor Swift and halsey image

thanks for reading <3

- c