If you follow me on instagram you've probably seen that I was in Greece a week ago and thus I decided to write my first travel journal article to tell you a little bit more about this incredible journey, and to give you my best tips, by the way ;)

September 1st, 2020

For this first day, my best friend and I went from Caen (our home city) to Paris by train to join the airport of Orly where our flight was departing from.

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About 3 hours later, we arrived in Athens, tired but excited to visit a new country (none of us had never been to Greece before). We then took the metro line 2 to join the station of Omonoia, where our airbnb was located. And here let me tell you something very important if you want to visit Athens.

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Athens' metro

To understand my point, let me explain to you what happened here. So we get out of the station, I already noticed in the metro that I was very tall compared to the rest of the people and so when we got on the big place of Omonoia, I was supposing that if many of them were looking weird at me, was because of my height. BUT THEN, I realized that people staring at me were only men, and the next days when temperature was so hot I started to go out wearing shorts and crop tops (as any normally composed human would do by 35°C), their staring was worst and so threatening that I started to feel very bad about it. But this almost only happened in this neighborhood of Omonoia. And I also realized that very few greek gils were dressing with shorts or crop tops. This was the worst thing I had to experience during this journey and I was really hungry at this mentality so my only advice for you girls is : do not stay around Omonoia, even less alone.

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So, coming back to the trip, we haven't done many things on our first day but we ate in a very good restaurant called Mama Roux that I highly recommend to you.

September 2nd, 2020

For this (real) first day in Athens we decided to wake up early to join the most famous museum of the city : the Acropolis Museum. At this early hour in the morning there wasn't so much people so we could enjoy the Museum and all the historic sculptures and history that it protects. I advise that you first visit this Museum before going to the Acropolis and slopes if you want to have a better understanding of its history.
It was free for us as EU students.

acropolis, museum, and people image acropolis, ancient greece, and art image Athens, Greece, and acropolis museum image Athens, Greece, and acropolis museum image
The Acropolis Museum

After that, when the sun was a bit more kind, we decided to move out and climb the Filoppapou Hill. This place is situated at the south side of the Acropolis and even though we've had a hard time climbing all these stairs, at the end, the stunning view was really worth it.

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A bit tired by this long path to the top, we then walked until the Grand Hyatt hotel of Athens, where you can access the top floor for free and enjoy a cocktail at the pool. I had the best Piña Colada of my life !

To finish the day, we tested a very great bar called Noel and located in the amazing neigborhood or Monastiraki.

September 3rd, 2020

Here the time had come for us to visit the famous Acropolis of Athens. We went in the morning just to be sure not to be overwhelmed with the crowd. This was also free for us as EU students.

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Here are some of the pictures I took there

In the afternoon we decided to go to the top floor of the Fresh Hotel (as it was just besides our airbnb) to enjoy the swimming pool and escape the incredibly hot temperatures.

September 4th, 2020

For this third day, we decided to move out of Athens to discover the famous lake of Vouliagmeni. The trip to reach it was quite long (you have to take the metro until Elliniko and then bus n°122 for at least 30 min) but we had an amazing time at the lake, where there are thousands of little fishes that you use to see in fish pedicure centers, here they live naturally in the lake

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Vouliagmeni's lake

We then walked along the beaches that are very close to the lake before coming back to Athens.

September 5th, 2020

During our last day in Athens, we visited the Panathinian stadium, which was the first Olympic stadium ever and thus, a worldwide symbol. We really enjoyed the visit that only costed 2.50€ and includes an audioguide.

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Here on the left you can see a picture of me in the stadium.

September 6th, 2020

We had to wake up very early on this day because we had a flight for Santorini (our next destination) planned at 6 a.m. So we had to woke up at 2 am to join the Syntagma's place where 24h working buses to the airport departs. This is a very good point about the transportation because you can have buses to the airport at any hour, day and night and it only costs 6€.

After a very eventful flight, we landed on the fabulous island o Santorini.

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One important point that we didn't know before arriving is that the transportation on the island is also very good. You have buses linking all the different parts of the island, all departing from the main city called Fira. So for us, who booked an hotel in Perissa (South of the island), we had to go from the airport to Fira (cost is 1.60€) and then from Fira to Perissa (cost is 2.20€).

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Some pictures of Perissa, which is the best place to stay if you want to enjoy the black sand beaches

We stayed at the Hotel Marianna, and I highly recommend it because of the very welcoming people who works there, and their great service. We only paid 150€ each of us for this hotel with swimming pool and breakfast included.
In the afternoon, we decided to try the beach which was only a 100 meters from the hotel and it was very funny because the rocks underwater are very slippery, thus we were always falling down at every tiny little wave.

September 7th, 2020

For this second day in Santorini, we got back to Fira by bus to explore and visit the main city.

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Fira is not the city where are located the famous three bells of Santorini but it is still an amazing village to explore.

Back to Perissa we decided to walk along the long 3km beach until reaching Perivolos where we found the BEST BAR EVER, if you stay arounf Perissa or Perivolos, you NEED to try it.

bar, fashion, and girl image bar, jojo, and romantic image
The JOJO's bar is stuck between the beach and this beautiful swimming pool.

September 8th, 2020

We waited soooo much for this day because we booked a 5 hours cruise trip all around the island with barbecue dinner and illimited drinks on a beautiful catamaran. I don't remember the name of the sailing company that we chose but which ever cruise you choose, it's definitely a must do in Santorini.
The cruise departed from Vlychada's port but we had a free transfer from our hotel and it starts with an approach near the Red beach where you can have some snorkeling around the boat.

boat, cruise, and red image beaches, trips, and getaways image
Red Beach and snorkeling

The we got around the white beach before heading straight to the volcanos where we could swim into the hot springs.
Then we finally had a stop to eat dinner before going back to the port with a breathtaking sunset view on the mediterranean sea.

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September 9th, 2020

On the last day, we finally visited the famous city of Oia. Going by bus for the whole day, we had the time to find the best spots over the three bells and enjoy one of the world's most beautiful sunsets. We also got down the mountain to see the Armeni beach, but it was sooo tiring to climb back under this horrible temperature that I don't think it was worth it.

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Here are my pictures from Oia and the Armeni beach

That's it for today ! I hope you enjoyed this article and that it gave you some tips if you plan to visit Greece. Don't hesitate to contact me if you want some more adresses and god sports to hang out.

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