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Are you a person who wants to move one with any accident that has happened to you? Either it's a family, friend,or any other problem.

Well,here are some quotes that will let you move on easily from any difficulties you're having in this life

But remember!!
Whatever has happened to you doesn't define you because you really have so DAMN much VALUE in this world ,and may be that person didn't put effort to see deep into your soul to see your inner/true beauty.

That's for sure it's the person's loss, so you shouldn't be sad.

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Let's start :

Number 1:

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Stop remembering the incident because there is use. What happened has happened.
If you can't forget it then distract yourself by doing things you love like: reading, shopping, working out, or even eating any thing that makes you FORGET about it.

Number 2:

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If you are still holding up to a relationship that the person doesn't seem interested then make the first move and end it up.
As I mentioned above, you have a value, so if your OPTION to someone then leave,and then you will for sure stumble suddenly across with the person that takes you as a PRIORITY.

Number 3:

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That's the first you should take note of. Whatever has happened make it from your past just like any other bad memory you have had as you getting kicked out of the class, you being yelled at by your teacher or parent, or you dropping your candy on the ground,it SUCKS.I know.
So put on your mind that that accident is like any bad situation that happened to you ,and left ,so try to FORGET IT!!

Number 4:

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Be Brave ,or even try to be and move on to unravel the remaining mysteries of your life.
So stand up and move forward,forgetting everything that happened to you ,and anticipate for the future.

Number 5: And last

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Yup,you read it right. Pain ends , it will all end so hang on my dear friend!!

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