hi my dearest reader! i hope you're well. today i'm ranking all the songs on taylor swift's fifth studio album - released in 2014 - titled 1989 (deluxe).

please keep in mind that these are my personal opinions - and that i love all of the songs very much, even if they don't fall too high on my list.

1. clean

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i don't usually add a reason as to why i love songs, but clean is my all-time favorite by taylor swift because of the power in the words. it got me through a lot of shitty things and i'm endlessly grateful to her for her words, her poetry, her songs, and the things they did for me.

2. i wish you would

3. all you had to do was stay

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4. welcome to new york / wonderland

5. new romantics / out of the woods

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6. you are in love / how you get the girl

Taylor Swift image beautiful, blue, and demi lovato image 1989, edit, and era image 1989, Taylor Swift, and welcome to new york image

7. bad blood

8. i know places

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9. blank space / this love

10. style

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11. shake it off

12. wildest dreams

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thank you all for reading, and have a wonderful day!

- c