Those who are into online marketing must have often heard the phrase going around that money is in the list. What is all the fuss about a simple list and why is it given so much of significance? Novices in online marketing are bound to ponder over this question and scratch their heads trying to figure out the answer. Well there is cold and precise logic behind that statement as seasoned marketers will undoubtedly agree.

The reason is that list works and effectively too! Anthony Constantinou says, “There are scores of method of course that are touted as being money spinners so why does a mailing list assume such importance.” The primary and simple reason why an online marketer needs to build up an email list is that is provides an opportunity to make multiple follow ups with the same individuals.

For any business that has a website there will be streams of visitors all though the day, that will come to your site explore it and then leave with quite a few being for good. The probability of them returning is highly unlikely. However, if you get their email contact details you stand a good chance of reconnecting with them in the future which creates a window of opportunity to transact business with them. Through email marketing, you have ample opportunities to market various types of products to prospective clients and make it more likely that at least one of them will meet with their approval and would possibly result in a sale.

The premise of advertising is that through repeated exposure to products a customer will be induced to make a purchase. In the online world there goes around an adage that any individual needs to be exposed to a particular company, product or service seven times, after which they feel secure enough to consider buying it. With an email mailing list you can provide content periodically to your prospective clients that will gradually build up their trust and confidence in your company and its products.

With regular information and exposure to your products and services on offer the probability rate of them purchasing from you increases. This would assume more importance if you send out emails that indicate that you are credible and an authority in your niche market. One of the benefits of email marketing is that it gives an online business the ability to demonstrate to subscribers that it is bona fide, knowledgeable and has expertise in an industry.

An added bonus of creating an email list is having the ability to market new products and services to those who have already made purchases from you. Those satisfied clients who have had a positive experience doing business with you in the past are the most likely to go in for new products or services in the future. Over time you will identify groups or segments of clients who are regular buyers of most new products released by your business therefore maintaining an email list of these individuals assumes even greater proportions.

It is for these very reasons that maintaining an email mailing list is imperative. For those online businesses that have not done it so far it is high time to begin, right now!