Yet another Thursday it is.
Rock the world, Starlights!

Today's list feels all over the place, but setting up a theme would limit the choices and that would just ruin the taste.

I must admit that I’ve been focusing greatly on my current playlists, and with the ongoing studies the majority of the chosen tunes tend to belong to the Pop genre.
I hope to delve more into other genres as soon as the first opportunity to do so arises.

And on that note, let us roll the dice!

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Volume 2 ☊


🎶 Chris BurtonLittle Sister
A light melody accompanied by some lovely heart-warming lyrics. It’s a song to be enjoyed and put a smile on one’s face. Love your siblings !!


🎶 Kim Jae JoongJust Another Girl
I must admit that this song got absolutely stuck in my mind after having heard it only once. Makes me quite grateful for that random shuffle option that Spotify has. The chorus will have you singing along every time, if you are a fan of the genre of course.


🎶 5 Seconds of SummerTeeth
The bass. Simply makes you continue to listen how the build up will progress.


🎶 Faustix, RANICrying in The Sun
If you’re a Zara Larsson fan, this tune you might thoroughly enjoy. A more or less typical collaboration between a DJ and a singer, the charm in the melody makes it worth the mention in my book.


🎶 Nicklas SahlThere For You
Reminiscence. Lyrics to sympathize with.


🎶 Jason Taylor, AetherSweetheart
A magical melody that makes daydreaming utterly effortless. I find it incredibly relaxing and a great background to reading or studying. Indeed one I would find to be on the list of “Songs for Her”.


🎶 MoonMoon, MoeunMuseum
A sense of jazz/blues makes this a perfect single to play during a night walk. One can quite feel and let go to the moonlight and a “midnight in Paris” vibe.

I believe that’s a lovely way to wrap up this round. Hopefully you found some worth your while.

Continue to inspire and have a lovely day, Starlights!

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~ until next time ~

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