There are several things that you might not think about before renting your car, but these are crucial! If you are used to renting cars, maybe some of these things will be obvious to you, but believe me, it’s so useful for those newbies that don’t have that much experience!
● If you are going to travel around the country, make sure you choose a car where you’ll be able to fit your luggage and all your travel companions. There is nothing worse than finding out that the car you have selected is a tiny matchbox and you can’t even fit your luggage!
● Even though we all have Google Maps nowadays, make sure that you have a proper GPS tracker in your car. It will come in handy from the very first moment of trying to find your way to your hotel in Dubai!
● If you are maybe thinking about going to Oman: Make sure that you have all the permits necessary to travel abroad from your rental company! (I will explain all the necessary documentation for your Oman trip at the end of the article, in the bonus section).
● Cruise control is so handy when travelling long distances. It might not be necessary for those city trips but if you’re planning on leaving the city, it is the best invention ever!