hello there! i hope you're having a wonderful day - and if you're not, i hope this article makes it better. thanks for reading; today i'm ranking all the songs on taylor swift's fourth studio album, released in 2012: red (deluxe).

please keep in mind that these are my personal opinions - and that i love all of the songs very much, even if they don't fall too high on my list.

1. treacherous / sweeter than fiction / all too well

color, music, and photo image black and white, fashion, and folklore image

2. come back...be here

3. state of grace

Flagged For Review aesthetic, dress, and fashion image

4. the lucky one / everything has changed

5. holy ground

22, Lyrics, and mine image Taylor Swift and red tour image fashion, style, and Taylor Swift image dress, fashion, and folklore image

6. starlight

7. sad beautiful tragic

Taylor Swift image Taylor Swift image

8. the last time

9. 22

red, starlight, and Taylor Swift image Taylor Swift and red image

10. i almost do / begin again

11. we are never ever getting back together

Taylor Swift and 1989 image selena gomez, Taylor Swift, and selena image

12. stay stay stay

13. red / girl at home

aesthetic, red, and paris image Taylor Swift, red, and smile image

14. i knew you were trouble.

15. the moment i knew

Taylor Swift image Taylor Swift image

thanks so much for reading, and as always i hope you enjoyed my article. stay tuned for more!!

- c