hey there! thanks for clicking on this article - i hope you like it. today i'm ranking the songs on taylor swift's third studio album (released in 2010), speak now (deluxe).

please keep in mind that these are my personal opinions - and that i love all of the songs very much, even if they don't fall too high on my list.

1. long live / the story of us / dear john

beautiful, photoshoot, and Reputation image beautiful, makeup, and photoshoot image beautiful, photoshoot, and Reputation image 2010, album, and cd image

2. speak now / superman / ours

beauty, performance, and concert image Taylor Swift, Swift, and taylor image

3. haunted / back to december

Taylor Swift and taylor image country, era, and fashion image

4. innocent

gif, girl, and Hot image

5. haunted

6. never grow up

Taylor Swift image Taylor Swift and mine image

7. mine

quotes, mind, and change image breakup, friendship, and handwriting image

8. mean

Taylor Swift, dress, and pretty image

9. better than revenge

10. enchanted

Taylor Swift, taylor, and pink image aesthetic, celebrities, and era image

11. if this were a movie

12. last kiss

thank you so so much for reading/hearting! i hope you enjoyed this.

- c