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Name: Mateo Wolfy
Nickname: Teo
Blood Status: Pure Blood


harry potter, sirius black, and sirius image


boy, aesthetic, and alternative image
boy and body image
boy, aesthetic, and hands image
aesthetic, eyes, and white image


aesthetic, black, and boy image
tattoo, boy, and black image
fashion, boy, and style image
aesthetic, all, and alternative image
fashion, outfit, and aesthetic image
aesthetic, boot, and shoes image


Good traits:
aesthetic, snake, and alternative image
quotes image
quotes, wall, and brick image
quotes, proud, and words image
Bad traits:
quotes, 90s, and funny image
home alone, movie, and quotes image
love, funny, and quotes image
quotes, aesthetic, and cartoon image


black, aesthetic, and animal image
Image removed
theme, animal, and green image
animal, aesthetic, and theme image
black panther


harry potter, wand, and ollivanders image
harry potter, broom, and hogwarts image
Pine wood with a unicorn hair core, 12 ¼" and quite bendy flexibility


wolf image
wolf image


draco malfoy, harry potter, and happy image
harry potter, blaise zabini, and slytherin image
harry potter, daniel radcliffe, and hogwarts image
harry potter, ron, and ron weasley image
harry potter and slytherin image
harry potter, robert pattinson, and cedric diggory image
Draco Malfoy, Blaise Zabini, Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, Pansy Parkinson, Cedric Diggory

Favorite Professors

alan rickman, harry potter, and harrypotter image
harry potter, gryffindor, and minerva mcgonagall image
dumbledore and harry potter image
harry potter and hagrid image
Severus Snape, Minerva McGonagall, Rubeus Hagrid, Albus Dumbledore

Favorite Classes

gif, transfiguration, and harry potter image
gif, wizard, and jkrowling image
gif, wizard, and jkrowling image
gif and potion image

Favorite Places

aesthetic, snake, and vintage image
harry potter image
harry potter, quidditch, and hogwarts image
Slytherin common room, Astronomy tower, Quidditch pitch


aesthetic, vintage, and alternative image
art, boy, and grunge image
alcohol, friends, and drink image
aesthetic, nature, and retro image
write lyrics, drawing, drink with friends, qudditch, surfing, hiking

Yule Balls

black, fashion, and gucci image
tattoo, b&w, and boy image
aesthetic, vintage, and alternative image
boys, model, and white hair image

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