Coriander, also called dhaniya in India, is a spice used in the preparation of curries, breakfast, and snacks. Its use is also one of the main ingredients in Mexican and American food recipes. Our kitchen shelves are incomplete without dhaniya seeds.

Ayurvedic texts say that coriander benefits are ample to change one's health. In an account of versatility because one can use them either in the form of seeds or powder.

They are brown unless they are plucked immature, where the colour would be green. The structure has a hollow cavity, which stores the essential oil that provides a flavour to the dishes when you saute them with other spices.

The growing health benefits of dhaniya seeds are,

Control blood sugar level - The extract and oils of coriander seeds help in lowering blood sugar level. It has components like insulin discharging, insulin-like movement, and anti-hyperglycemic, which maintain the glucose level in the body. People with lower blood sugar levels or diabetes are even advised against the cautious use of the seeds as they are very effective in bringing the blood sugar level down.

Improve heart health - According to an article in HealthLine, studies show that coriander fight against risk factors that may compromise heart health. The seeds act as a diuretic, which means that they help in draining excess sodium and water from the body. Some researches also suggest that it help in bringing down the cholesterol levels as well. One can even intake pickles like a lemon pickle in moderation to improve heart health because it has zero cholesterol and fat.

Might improve brain health - Coriander seeds are anti-inflammatory. Therefore, brain diseases like Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, etc. that are a result of inflammation, they can be helpful in such cases. These can also help in managing the anxiety levels.

Boost immunity - Coriander seeds are anti-oxidants, which in turn fight the inflammation in your body and prevent cellular damage. The anti-oxidant compounds may have anti-cancer and immunity-boosting properties, which are a win-win in any case. They are a source of Vitamin C, vitamin A, folic acid, and beta carotene that help to fight the common cold. Pudina is another spice that helps in managing the common cold.

Beat infections - Dhaniya seeds have anti-microbial properties that fight infections and foodborne diseases. There is a compound in it, called Dodecenal, that fights food poisoning bacteria.

Aids digestion - The oil in the seeds helps in the digestion and improves gut health. They are also helpful in maintaining menstrual health and hormonal disorders. It also helps fighting bloating, abdominal pain, and discomfort in the stomach. It is a rich source of calcium, fibre, and phosphorus. Choti elaichi also helps in curing stomach ailments related to digestion.

Cure skin issues - The California University of Ayurveda suggest that coriander seeds can cure many skin ailments like rashes, itchy skin, and inflammation due to their anti-sceptic property. Thse have linoleic acid that provides relief from pain and irritation; hence these grains can cure sores and mouth ulcers. Black pepper can fight other skin problems like skin exfoliation, the presence of dead cells, and wrinkles. Kalonji seeds are also a source of vitamins to overcome skin issues.

Promote hair growth - Hair fall is a common issue that millennials are facing. The reasons behind it include weakening of hair follicles, stress, anxiety, improper diet routine, and hormonal imbalance. The seeds revitalize the roots, provide nutrient, and fortify the follicles to promote the development of new hair.

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