Being in a one-sided relationship is so difficult because you won’t be able to notice it at first that your partner is just ignoring you or they are not doing what a loving partner normally does in a relationship and the worst thing is you don’t mind because you love them so much and you might be thinking that it’s normal. Many people have been hurt because they have been in a one-sided love and they thought that their partner really loved them. It’s very sad to see people crying over someone who doesn’t even care about them and because of that, I will be telling you what to do if you are in a one-sided relationship but first, before following these steps, always make sure that you are in a one-sided relationship before doing anything.
Confront your partner if they feel the same as you.
Confrontation is always the best solution to anything. Confront your partner if they really love you and tell them that if they do, they shouldn’t be acting like the way they are now. Tell them how they should have acted if they really loved you because you are suffering from their actions. It is fine to be brutally honest in this moment because this might open their eyes to the fact that they have not been a good partner to you and they have not done their responsibility correctly.

Tell your partner about your feelings of being ignored by them.
Also, tell your partner that you feel like they are ignoring you. When you tell them this, make sure to tell the exact moments of when you felt abandoned or ignored by them. If you still remember those moments clearly, it would be better to make them realize what they have been doing all these time and maybe their conscience would come to light. Telling your partner about your feelings of being ignored by them will make them regret their actions if they ever really cared about you.
Try to do the same thing they did to you.
If talking is not effective to your partner, try to do the same thing to them. Ignore them, never check up on them, let them initiate a conversation and see what happens. If they would ask you what’s wrong and why you are acting very strange, tell them that they have been doing the same thing to you for a while now. Doing this would make them think about the times they have not been a good partner to you and because of that, there’s a big possibility that they will regret doing those things to you.
If all of these fail, then you have to leave the relationship.
If your partner doesn’t regret their actions, no matter how you make them feel bad about it or no matter how much you talk to them about it, then maybe it is time to leave the relationship. This is the only thing you can do because you can’t really teach someone to love you like you did to them and you cannot force them to do things that they don’t like. Leaving this kind of relationship will actually benefit you because you won’t be hurting anymore.