One-sided love can be very painful and sometimes we think that the person really likes us but it’s only our imaginations. This kind of love would make us hopeless and sometimes, people who are in a one-sided love think that love is so unfair. They think that the world must be ridiculing them because they had suffered such a thing. Many people have had their one-sided love and gave up after knowing it is one-sided but there are also some people who chose to continue loving someone even if they don’t love them back. Maybe some people don’t really need to be loved back because it is enough for them to convey their feelings to the person they love even if they won’t love them back. I totally respect people like this and because of that, I will be giving you some signs of a one-sided love.
You are the one who initiates everything.
Your partner never does things like starting a conversation with you or discussing issues in your relationship. In fact, they only talk to you about these things if you are the one who opens up the topic. They don’t initiate things and they let you make a move before they follow you. This is truly a one-sided love because when they really love you, they would have the initiative to do things to make you happy or if you have a problem, they would talk to you about it.

They value other people rather than you.
Your partner may cancel your dates because they have a party in their friend’s house and they just don’t prioritize you. They keep putting their friends first before you. It is totally fine if they hang out with their friends but if it always happens and they keep cancelling your dates or maybe they cancel your special occasion just because it is their friend’s birthday or anything. Nonetheless, this is an obvious sign that your partner never wants to be with you and you are the only one working in your relationship.
You apologize for everything.
Even if you made a small mistake, you apologize about it immediately maybe because you are afraid that your partner will get angry at you and they will love you. If ever you feel like this in your relationship or you feel insecure about things in your relationship, then maybe you are in a one-sided relationship. If you are in a healthy relationship, you wouldn’t feel these emotions because you will feel secured which is reflected on your partner’s actions towards you.
They never check up on you.
Another sign that you are in a one-sided love is when your partner never makes an effort to check up on you. Even a simple text message saying how are you or even hello will not be done by them. They would not bother to send you these messages because they don’t really care about you. You are in a one-sided love if this keeps happening to you even if you know that your partner is not busy or anything.