PEACE.The very first thing you will feel in the stillness of the morning.

Early mornings,what to say or better yet, how to describe them?They can't be described as perfectly as they are experienced. Still, let's give it a shot.

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A black sheet of nothingness wrapped over the sky,engulfing it,embracing it,with the birds still in their nests getting ready for the day,the time when us humans(the majority of us,that is) are wrapped in a cocoon of blankets and sleeping while missing out on the opportunity to live and breathe this phenomenal experience.Then, the sun rises and a new day starts.

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The hues of golden and yellow colour with a little blue sky in the peripheral.

Starting anew is what it feels like when the sun comes up with the marking of a new day and serving hope to all of those who need it.

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A gentle caress of wind sweeping across the sky, which brings you a smile you can't deny.

The calmness and serenity of the atmosphere can calm anyone.There are things and experiences like this which moves a human mind to a different frequency and forces it to do something extraordinary.Taking in this breath of fresh air will make you feel like you deserve to have all the beautiful things this world has to offer.