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stage name: youjeong
birthname: wang baozhai
korean name: im youjeong
birthplace: beijing, china
birthday: june 18, 2000
position: center, main vocal, main dancer, sub rapper


- youjeong was born and raised in China
- she went to Korea at age 15 to become an idol
- she only trained for 1 year
- she's the most well-rounded member and has a place in every position
- youjeong is the most popular in the group and her members often tease her about it
- she loves coffee and neutral colors
- youjeong practiced ballet until she went to Korea
- she can speak Chinese and Korean and has learned some English from juliet
- she is the closest to juliet and tink
- she is in a subunit with juliet (jJeong)
- she shares a room with juliet and suin
- her and tink often speak Chinese at the dorm amongst themselves which the members complain about because they feel left out
- youjeong has the most followers on Instagram out of all chewy members
- she is into photography and likes to take pictures of her members
- her hobby is watching movies


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neutral, sweaters & jackets, winter clothing


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still neutral, less casual

award shows

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idol friends

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wang yiren of everglow! youjeong still feels more comfortable speaking Chinese so she immediately was drawn to yiren. youjeong explains that they're especially close and believes they would've been friends even if they had not been idols!
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handong of dreamcatcher! same with yiren, she is more comfortable around idols who speak her native language. however, they often practice korean together while grabbing a coffee!


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