hi lovelies! today we're gonna be taking a look at taylor swift's second studio album, fearless (platinum edition) and i'll be ranking the songs. please keep in mind that these are my personal opinions - and that i love all of the songs very much, even if they don't fall too high on my list.

1. breathe (ft. colbie caillat)
2. forever & always
3. the other side of the door

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4. superstar
5. the way i loved you
6. fearless

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7. you belong with me
8. you're not sorry
9. change

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10. love story
11. fifteen
12. white horse

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13. untouchable
14. jump then fall
15. come in with the rain

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16. tell me why
17. the best day
18. hey stephen

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as always, thanks so much for reading and hearting - it truly makes my day. i hope you enjoyed this!

- c

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