hiii! this isn't my article; it's an essay taylor swift did for elle last year. the link to her essay is here:

https://www.elle.com/culture/celebrities/a26628467/taylor-swift-30th-birthday-lessons/?utm_campaign=likeshopme&utm_medium=instagram&utm_source=dash%20hudson here’s the link to her essay!

1. don’t get too sucked into social media. you do not look like a weasel that got hit by a truck and stitched back together by a drunk taxidermist.
2. be a snake—only bite if someone steps on you.
3. trying and failing repeatedly is normal! nobody gets it on the first try, love.
4. don’t hate your body and don’t push the boundaries of dieting.
5.banish the drama. blocking someone who’s toxic to you is okay.
6. society likes to tell women that psychically aging is terrible. what. it is not. you get old; it's a fact of life.
7. remind yourself of the good in the world; don't let your fears rule you.
8. a stranger's opinion shouldn't dictate how you live your life.
9. learn how to make some easy cocktails…
10. learn some simple cooking recipes!
11. use command tape. do it.
12. apologizing doesn’t make you weak.
13. believe the victim in cases of sexual assault.
14. sometimes 'i'm sorry' is the best thing you can say to someone you love who is hurting (whether it's your fault or not).
15. vitamins can help you feel better & keep up your strength!
16. first impressions aren’t everything, so don't dive into relationships before you really know the other person.
17. be nice to your skin! don’t use sharpie as eyeliner (also, moisturize)!
18. realize your figurative childhood scars and try to rectify them.
19. don’t play mind games with someone you care for. people can’t read minds; you have to tell them how you feel.
20. learn the differences between lifelong friendships and situationships.
21. if you don’t look back at your old looks and cringe, you’re doing fashion wrong.
22. learn to fight fair with the ones you love. you're on the same team.
23. try to make some friends that don’t care if you’re #canceled.
24. know the difference between small struggles and real problems.
25. art and suffering do not always go together. you can be happy and still make good art.
26. set countdowns for things you’re excited about!
27. disarming someone’s bullying can be as simple as laughing at it.
28. find your voice in politics and use it for good!
29. hair can completely change texture as you grow older.
30. step into the daylight and let it go.

thanks for reading!

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