Hello! First of all, happy new school year. May September gives you a boost of energy for upcoming challenges and fun times.

My second year of uni just have started. I feel ready to give all my self for studies, work and personal life. This time the feeling was even a little bit different. I wanted to do more for myself, my pshysical and mental health, and make changes in my daily routine.
Here I've listed goals for autumn'20.

Stop procrastinating

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If someone comes to mind, do it now. Turn off notifications while working, set alarm while doing assignments, don't wait until deadline – these are my goals for the whole school year. Living TODAY not tomorrow has to be my new priority.

Eat without interruption

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Concentrate to food: the way it tastes, how long I eat, what is healthy. No phone or press while eating.

Sugar free month

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In the article bellow I've explained my goal-challenge.

Drink more water

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Skin care

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I need to follow a few rules, including changing pillows and towels every two weeks (at least), cleansing my face everyday, applying sunscreen (even if it's cloudy day).

Stretch daily

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I am still trying to do a split. Also, I need to train my body for solo latino practises.

Stop sitting in "legs-crossed" position

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This position don't let blood run. It can cause vein problems later.

Every autumn I try to start a new life. September gives me such feeling – I am full of energy to live better. Especially this year, during pandemic. There will be no better time for ourselves than now and I will be very happy if this article will give you some ideas too.

Good luck on whatever you're doing!