Mitsuri Kanroji: 19 years old
Anime: Kimetsu no Yaiba (Demon Slayer)
Love Hashira
Real appearence, canvas, story and If Mitsuri was a real person.

anime, pink, and cute image anime image anime, girl, and cute image anime, baby, and girl image anime, icon, and shine image anime, cosplay, and pink image
Mitsuri's real appearence, real Demon slayer squad's uniform, sword and real hair.

She is a lovely and lovely girl with green eyes with a black speck underneath each one, a curvy body and has light pink hair with neon green tips and occupies the elite position of Hashira of love in the extermination squad.
She is a little shy and passionate, is always praising people and is very kind to everyone. But even though she is incredibly kind, she has no mercy on demons. Her big dream is to get married, mainly to a man who is stronger than her, which is funny because she has an absurd strength, throughout the anime and manga she shows some feelings for Obanai Iguro, Hashira of the Serpents.

-If Mitsuri Kanroji was a real person

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Physical appearance
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Mitsuri Style
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She's adorable isn't she? Watch Kimetsu no Yaiba and fall in love with her even more.