Our minds are a wonderful and populous place. They are filled with thousands upon thousands of threads. These threads interconnect in our brain to create thoughts, feelings, emotions, and yes, fears.

When these threads become Entangled, however, they can interweave into a world full of confusion and complication.

This is where we need our Anchor. Now, this anchor can be just YOU, another person, pet, trinket, or even a thought, that motivates us to swim through the ocean and make it to land.

If this anchor is a person, they take our messy ball of mingled threads and take them apart from each other one by one. And slowly, but surely, these threads separate, and the pattern becomes clear.

Find that anchor in yourself, find it in the world, find it in the future, and make it through. Because nobody else will help you through this but YOU.

It may seem like a messy ball of mingled threads, but trust me, babe, it will become a pattern soon.

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let's grow together!!!