All our lives, we try to protect ourselves, whether it's from being hurt, betrayed, harassed, made fun of, or humiliated. But what if in the process of that, we end up hurting others?

I remember distinctly when I first realized that 'I was part of the problem.' I was an 11-year-old kid who was extremely proud of her good results, but then my friend compared me to another class-fellow, who was struggling with his grades, and I made a disgusted face. All through the day, I couldn't stop thinking about my reaction, 'why was it so bad to be compared to that student, that it made me cringe?'. I came to the conclusion that I thought I was better than him, and that thought made me feel so disgusted that I completely changed my lifestyle.

Do you see it? I realized that I was not thinking about the kid and his struggles. I didn't think that maybe he wasn't meant to be a mathematician, maybe he was a good basketball player, a good reader, a good artist, or maybe just a kid who was struggling, and I should've been more considerate. And that's what made me write this quote.

The picture behind it is taken by me too BTW ;) more here:

let's grow together!!!