Every hot girl on internet tell us to stop comparing ourselves with others, but it's little the ones who teach us how to feel great about ourselves so much to the point that we make those marvelous posts like they do and catch the attention of everyone, crushs included. I was recently heartbroken by a guy that i liked but never wanted anything serious with me, he started serious dating with a girl very different from me. I couldn't stop but wonder
-what does she have that I don't
-what's wrong with me?
-how did she manage to catch him all to herself so fast
-was i not beautiful enough?
-Not cult enough?
-not stilish enough?
-does he only like sports girls?
-was i too dramatic, or not romantic enough?
-did i give him too much freedom in our colour relationship
-was i too naive?
-what the fuck did i do wrong?
And I still don't have any idea why did he choose her over me. I used to think I was great, but he made me lose my balance to the point that I don't even know who I am and what I want to do with life. I can't help it. I know that suffering so much over a guy is silly and so not feminist. But there's much more things involved that only I know. But i can never work it in my mind, and i can never forget what happened. I have this hope obsessed that one day he will look to me again and tell me he misses me. But obviously I know that he loves HER, and not me. It hurts, but I know. I also know that i wasn't loving him, i was lovesick.