i hung out with my friend today and felt like writing about it.

i hadn't seen my friend in a few months so i was really excited. i woke up, made her a card, and got ready. i wore a green crewneck, baggy jeans, funky socks, and a lot of jewelry. (and a mask!)

my dad drove me there, we met at the skatepark. there was a tiny playground next to it and we had a picnic. we set up our blanket at on the grass. i brought popcorn and chocolate wafers, and she brought cookies and juice boxes.

after our picnic, we played on the swings and the monkey bars. we wanted to skate but the shirtless skater boys scared us away and we went to a tennis court. i taught her how to skate and she was actually super good for her first time!

we walked on this trail and we saw a cute skater boy that was wearing a beret. while waking on the trail, we passed a grocery. we went inside because we were
both hot. we saw this boy working there and said hi. i think he got flustered and accidentally dropped a bunch of cereal boxes.

we went back outside and walked into the neighborhood where we repeatedly said "vote for joe" (in reference to the 2020 us election). we went to the gas station and sat outside it and listened to music.

eventually her dad came to pick her and i skated home!

this post had no real reason but i hope you enjoyed!
peace ☮︎