There is one thing in the whole wide world that I find more important than anything else. And that's genuine love and acceptance towards ourselves. I have recently realised that I haven't been giving myself what I would deserve, and instead I am trying to camouflage that with overindulging in desserts.

I couldn't say that I'm obese or overweight, however, I have reached a point where I am not feeling good in my body, and I am not being my authentic self, since I am constantly harming myself with food. And that's one of the worst things I could do to myself, since supressing my feelings this way doesn't solve anything. It took me 4 years of binge eating to figure that out, so if you, my dear reader only take one thing with you from this article, then please always prioritise your mental and physical health. Because at the and of the day it's only you and what you've done to be there, weather it's good or bad. You can make your life amazing, just as I am going to prove it!

And here comes the fun part. I have firmly decided that from now on I am going to take care of myself in every aspect of my life. I am going to eat clean, pamper myself, think positive thoughts and be my biggest supporter.

First of all, starting with baby steps, I am only trying to be consistent for 7 days. Every day counts. Remember that.

My goals for tomorrow:
- Eat healthy, energizing food
- Drink 2,5 l water
- Do a 45 min workout
- Think only positive, uplifting thoughts throughout the day

My biggest motivations that keep me going:
- Music
- Motivational quotes
- Experiencing change (internal & external)
- Enjoying the process

I am going to keep you updated throughout this whole week.

Lots of love,