Hello pumpkins!!! Today I decided to have a comfy fall inspired day before school starts tomorrow. I am currently sitting at my desk; wrapped in a Halloween blanket and lighting a wood fire pumpkin candle. As you probably already know this article is going to be all about fall questions that you can answer in your own article or just read my own answers and learn a little bit about me.

Question one- If you had to pick a color scheme for this fall what would it be?

Question two- If you speak another language, how do you say autumn or fall

I am in year 6 of Spanish so otoño.(please correct me if I’m wrong)
Question three- What fall item in your wardrobe would you wear everyday if you could?

I would wear plaid scarves or brown purses everyday.
Question four- If you had to decorate your room with something from the outside what would it be?

Pumpkins and leaves of course
Question five- If you could travel right now, where would you go to get in the fall spirit?

I would go somewhere chilly so i'm thinking Europe
Question six- It’s your lucky day…you were the 100th customer at Starbucks today and you get a free fall drink!! What is your choice?

I would order the salted caramel frappe….taste like a chocolate covered pretzel!!!
Question seven_ Your friends invite you for an out of the blue fall outing but you’re in charge of the location.Which location are you choosing: Pumpkin patch photo shoot or home decor shopping?

Pumpkin patch photo shoot all the way
Question eight- It’s the first day of school ...what’s your fall hairstyle

Question nine- Tell me your favorite fall song!!

Feeling you by Harrison Storm
Question ten- Time to cozy up!! What does your ideal cozy nook look like??

Warm blankets, festive fall pillows, fall scented candles and more
Question Eleven - Follow up question..what are you doing in the cozy nook?(book/tv/movie)

I’m either reading a book or writing an article!!
Question twelve- It’s pouring outside! What have you grabbed from the closet??

Question thirteen- It’s Halloween, what are you wearing?

` Something to match my dog!!
Question fourteen- The farm you pick pumpkins at is giving away cute animals for adoption( any animals). What do they look like and what's their new name?

Question fifteen- you step into your house and it smells like fall. What's the signature smell?/