wallpaper and rain image rain, city, and street image rain, aesthetic, and rainy image rain, pluviophile, and quotes image
1. Wake up to a chilly day
autumn, cozy, and fall image Image by regentröpfchen autumn, fall, and pumpkin image socks, coffee, and winter image
2. Wear fuzzy socks
book, rain, and coffee image coffee, autumn, and fall image book, coffee, and rain image study image
3. Drink coffee by the window
food and breakfast image breakfast, healthy, and homemade image aesthetics, breakfast, and healthy image aesthetic, berries, and breakfast image
4. Make an aesthetic fall-themed porridge bowl
room, bed, and bedroom image autumn, book, and cozy image autumn, fall, and pumpkin image candle, autumn, and fall image
5. Have a fall room makeover (fairy lights, fall scented candles etc.)
violin, music, and vintage image hands, music, and OC image art, painting, and paint image aesthetic, girl, and grunge image
6. Practice the piano or violin (or maybe paint/draw something)
aesthetic, girl, and grunge image friends, sunset, and aesthetic image beauties, glow, and grey image Image by zeez
7. Wear a hoodie and go skating with friends
aesthetics, alternative, and flowers image sunflower, flowers, and wallpaper image autumn, fall, and leaves image apple, autumn, and fall image
8. Step on crunchy leaves, go to a sunflower field, go to a pumpkin patch, apple picking
yellow, aesthetic, and cat image cat, autumn, and kitten image cat, cute, and kitten image cat, kitten, and animal image
9. Play with kittens
Beautiful Girls, fashion, and friends image autumn, beige, and brown image vintage, aesthetic, and yellow image aesthetic, aesthetics, and autumn image
10. Take cute pictures at golden hour
sky, city, and sunset image alternative, turkey, and background image love, boy, and couple image city, light, and car image
11. Watch the sunset and the city lights
chip, ♡, and chocolate image food, chocolate, and Cookies image Cookies, food, and autumn image christmas, Cookies, and milk image
12. Bake some choc-chip cookies
bathroom, home, and interior image bath, candle, and rose image Image by alanda✰ autumn, fall, and pumpkin image
13. Have a long bath using fall scented bath bombs&salts
harry potter, book, and autumn image harry potter, book, and coffee image aesthetic, beige, and blanket image aesthetic, biscuits, and cookie image
14. Watch Harry potter wrapped up in a cozy blanket, with a big cup of hot chocolate
positivity, quote, and relax image book, flowers, and aesthetic image book, coffee, and glasses image autumn, fall, and pumpkin image
15. Read your favourite book
cat, light, and animal image autumn, fall, and candle image city, view, and light image aesthetic and white image
16. Turn on the fairy lights, light some candles
aesthetic, bed, and bracelet image chic, fall, and socks image rain, bed, and window image light, rain, and night image
17. Grab a cup of tea and curl up in bed with tons of blankets to keep warm, while falling asleep to the sound of the rain

Thank you for reading! Let me know if you want me to make another one of these (maybe x-mas edition, summer or something else) <3