Every bad thing that you experience in life teaches you something. I've had a couple of years where I felt lost, insecure, unhappy, all of those feelings so many of us experience. I just accepted those feelings. I started to believe in what the thoughts told me about myself. That I was not pretty enough. That I was not worthy of love. That nobody truly cared about me. Until I finally felt so bad that I realized I had to change to be able to live with myself. So I did.
It was not easy. It still isn't. I have to catch myself every day, when the thoughts in my head tells me that I am not enough, but the difference now is that I want to change. That I believe in a version of myself who is everything I want to be. I believe that, if I just imagine her enough, she will one day show up.

♥ You are not your thoughts

It is easy to believe in every thought that pops up in your head. It is easy to not even notice when the negative mindset starts. Suddenly you just feel down, and you can not understand how you got there. The key is to catch yourself as soon as you realize you are thinking a negative thought. Breathe. Analyze the thought. Where did it come from? How can you turn it into something good instead?

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For example:

If you catch yourself thinking a negative thought about your appearance. Catch yourself thinking that thought. Breath and focus on your surrounding or your breath. Distance yourself from the thought and imagine that the one you are criticizing is your best friend. What would you say to her/him? What good will come from thinking that thought? Stop yourself before the thoughts get worse. Think of something that makes you feel good instead. By constantly training your mind doing this, the easier it will be to switch the negative mindset into a positive one.

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♥ Start your day of with a good morning routine

Your morning sets the tone for the rest of your day. Let me show you an example:

Your dream gets interrupted by the alarm clock and you reach for your phone to click on snooze, just to get a couple of minutes more in bed. When the alarm rings again you realize that you now have to hurry if you want to make it to school in time. You throw off your bedcover and haste to the bathroom, where you wash your face and put on some concealer just to look more awake. You grab an apple, because you do not have time to eat a whole breakfast, while running around in your house trying to find the things you need to take with you to school. You take a look at the clock and realize that you now have about 5 minutes to put on some clothes on and brush your teeth before you absolutely need to go. With toothpaste on your cheek, wearing a wrinkly shirt you leave the house, running, trying to catch the bus in time.

Doesn't seem like a great morning now, does it?

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By waking up a few minutes earlier you can change your whole morning into a calm moment of the day, instead of the most stressful part of your day.

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♥ Find out what is important to you

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I can feel that it is hard to know what is, and what is not. But to be able to find out what is important to you, you have to be open with yourself. Listen to your heart in different situations and try to understand what brings it joy and what does not. Pay attention to the feelings you get while watching a movie. What made you happy? What made you sad? What did you like and what didn't you? Try to understand the signals your body and heart gives you, because it is when you look there, that you can fins what matters to you and what doesn't

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♥ Use your phone less

By constantly checking your phone and scrolling trough pictures of others you waste a lot of time comparing yourself to others. By putting your phone away, for example an hour before you go to bed, and an hour in the morning, you save a lot of time and save yourself the feelings comparing yourself to others can bring you

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♥ Live in the present moment

This is something that is hard to do if you have never paid attention to your attention before. By living in the present moment you start to appreciate the small things in life. The smell of coffee, reading a good book, seeing a beautiful flower, the sound of birds in the morning, the taste of a really tasty dinner when you are hungry. Appreciating what you have around you in the moment brings you so much more joy, than constantly worrying about the past or your future. Easier said than done, but you know what I mean.

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♥carpe diem♥
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♥ Be kind to everyone you meet

Be the change you want to see in this world. Treat others like you want to be treated. Be kind, not because you have to, but because it is important. Show people that you care and show them that you are someone to rely on, and try to understand everyone you meet. Try not to be judgmental.

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♥ Reflect

Take the time to reflect over who you want to be. Reflect over your day, your dreams, your week. Plan and create the life you want.

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♥ Create

Create to experience the joy in just creating, create because of the process not the results, create to calm yourself down, to learn something about yourself.

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Now we have come to the end of this article. I hope that you found it helpful and that you work every day towards the best version of yourself. I wish you luck in your journey!
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