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Like I said in my last article, I'm trying to post one article a week in September. I originally planned to publish an article on Wednesday, but the article I had prepared, didn't feel right to be published this early on into autumn. Meaning, my lovely readers, you have to wait a bit more to read said article. For today however, I found the perfect article idea. In all honesty, I stumbled upon this tag a while ago already, but as I've started re-watching Merlin, I remembered stumbling upon this article months ago. Today's article is a mystical edition of my most popular article type - this or that. I feel like I need to mention that there were a few questions I replaced from the example article, as to me they sounded like normal this or that questions rather than mystical ones. Without any further ado, let's dive right into the article!

  • A bow & arrow or a sword?
gif, geralt of rivia, and Henry Cavill image
Would love to master both, but sword fighting seems a bit more fair.
  • A castle or a palace?
castle, blue dress, and fairytale image castle, aesthetic, and tower image
Castles for me are a bit more aesthetically pleasing.
  • Communicating with animals or reading minds?
Image by ❥ Bambi 🦌 🦊🍁🍂 fox, woman, and animal image
Communicating with animals.
  • Crystals or plants?
witch, aesthetic, and candle image bird, book, and aesthetic image
I would've loved to answer crystals, because they're so beautiful, but the nature freak in me didn't allow me to say anything besides plants.
  • Asgard or Batuu?
Marvel, thor, and asgard image
That's one difficult question, but as a huge Marvel fan, I'm more familiar with Asgard.
  • Dragons or mermaids?
smaug, dragon, and hobbit image dragon, the hobbit, and the desolation of smaug image
Dragons for sure. So majestic, beautiful and let's be honest - horrifying.
  • Kingdom or village?
scotland, edinburgh, and travel image hobbit, house, and nature image
I would prefer to live in a homey cottage in a cute little village.
  • Moonlight or candlelight?
moon, moonlight, and nature image deer, moon, and night image
There's something about the moon that candles just can't live up to.
  • Narnia or Wonderland?
alice in wonderland, johnny depp, and alice image alice in wonderland, tim burton, and film image
As much as I adore both places, I would personally prefer to live in Wonderland.
  • Time travel or space travel?
blue, pink, and time travel image art, portal, and scar image
I'm assuming under space travel whoever originally wrote the article meant transportation? To me at least it sounds like it, so I would prefer time travel.
  • Werewolves or vampires?
Darkness, horror, and hellhound image flame, horror, and smoke image
One of my least favorite questions ever, as I'm not a huge fan of either werewolves nor vampires. More of a hellhound kind of gal.

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