Well we're on WeHeartIt so this isn't going to be a conventional sketchbook tour. What I'm going to do is show you here all of the drawings I made of 5 Seconds of Summer.
Are you ready for it?

draw, drawing, and luke hemmings image
This is one of the first drawings I made of Ashton Irwin (drummer in the band and my favourite member even, though I love them all).

I became a proper fan of the band this year, even though I sometimes listened to their songs even before. However when CALM came out I just fell in love with 5SOS and I've been drawing them since.

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This is Michael Clifford you guys, and he's now again active on social media so go follow him everywhere!

For both these drawings I used as a reference pics from the Wildflower music video that they shot from home.

art, pencil sketch, and ashton 5sos image
Luke Hemmings, lead singer and guitarist.

I don't know why but this is my most successful post on instagram... so if you've liked and shared it on Instagram THANK YOU, it made me really happy.

art, michael 5sos, and ashton 5sos image
the whole band, or as ash once said "the original line up"

I drew this one right after the pic of Luke but it wasn't nearly as much appreciated on IG.. Honestly I like this one better but maybe it's just me :)

ash, math, and school image art, ashton, and drummer image ash, boy, and draw image band, drawing, and luke hemmings image

These I drew while I was having my exams and I didn't have the time to properly draw, but I still wanted to take a break from studying.

art, artist, and ashton image art, drawing, and luke hemmings image

Social media inspired sketches? idk but I quite like them.

drawing, luke hemmings, and 5sos image drawing, 5sos, and calum hood image

Luke&Petunia and Calum&Duke because they where just too cute not to draw.

ash, ashton, and drawing image ashton, 5sos, and ashton irwin image art, ashton, and drummer image art, ashton, and drummer image

More of Ashton, in case it wasn't clear who my favourite member is...

art, portrait, and calum image

and this last one... I'm just too proud of it because i made it with prismacolors and you have no idea how long it took but now I have it next to my bed and I couldn't be happier :)

This is it for now!
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