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beach, vintage, and youth image summer, nature, and friends image
grunge, friends, and party image

faroe islands

house, nature, and photography image girl, nature, and mountains image



to live life

night, fire, and lake image
picnic, nature, and beauty image friends, summer, and vintage image
party, friends, and grunge image
Every morning starts with

a glass of water

water, aesthetic, and theme image
Favourite movie, tv show and book

movie: boyhood and coraline

film, boyhood, and movie image coraline and movie image

tv show: avatar the last airbender and euphoria

last, toph, and avatar image aesthetic and euphoria image

book: perks of being a wallflower and the little prince

the perks of being a wallflower, write, and logan lerman image book, film, and le petit prince image
Great at baking


food, aesthetic, and Cookies image

171 cm

aesthetic image fashion, girl, and style image
In love with

my siblings

dance, ellen page, and series image girls, hair, and madicken image

I would love to be a teacher

alone and school image books, coffee, and college image
Kind act

I give a compliment everyday

smile, black and white, and girl image girl, aesthetic, and blonde image girl, nature, and yellow image asian, man, and smile image
Last place I traveled

New York

80s, autumn, and film image
vintage, retro, and city image girl image
Must have


aesthetic, boy, and handsome image alt, baggy, and fashion image fashion and style image aesthetic, cute boy, and instagram image
Number of kids and/or animals

I want four kids and a cat

family, kids, and baby image love, flowers, and kids image
cat, animal, and cute image

at the moment I'm obssesed with crocheting and knitting

fashion, girl, and outfit image adorable, crochet, and flowers image
Party trick

idk I don't have any

friends, party, and boy image enjajaja, enya, and best friends image party, grunge, and friends image girl, party, and grunge image indie, star wars, and Cookies image grunge and concert image

1: "Half the time I regret it"
2: "then why do you do it?"
1: "'cause half the time I don't regret it"

perks of being a wallflower and quote image quotes, words, and feelings image
Reason to live

so you can love

love, couple, and kiss image love, couple, and train image
lesbian and lgbt image
couple, field, and lovers image love, couple, and kiss image


summer, girl, and bikini image
summer, fashion, and style image girl, summer, and beach image
Thing I look forward to

to party with my friends when the pandemic is under control

grunge, party, and vintage image

a world where everyone help and care for each other

Image by 𝗁𝖾𝗅𝖾𝗇 friends, people, and river image

I wanna go to Italy so bad

girl, wolfiecindy, and summer image italy, flowers, and street image italy, travel, and city image call me by your name, timothee chalamet, and book image

I wish I didn't procrastinate

aesthetic, autumn, and book image book, tea, and green image
coffee, yellow, and aesthetic image

my teeth and my foot

girls, grunge, and outfit image vintage, dress, and feet image
Your favorite plant


botany, plants, and periodicals image
Zodiac sign


astrology, signs, and cancer image
astrology, zodiac signs, and art image art and the zodiac image

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