hi hi hi everyone!

It's good to do something that has a greater impact for ourselves, right? So here are things I found therapeutic (at least for me), check thiss out:

1. Decluttering aka Cleaning Space

I’ve heard a statement saying that if you find yourself feeling stuck, clean your space. By making your space more clear, it gives your mind and soul spaces too, so that you’d find the next thing to do.

I learned from Marie Kondo that you just have to keep things that spark joy for you, so even when there are things you think are good for you, if they don't spark joy then you say to them "thank you for bringing me joy, but I don't need you anymore. Let's find out someone who need you more than me"

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2. Gardening / Watering plants / Taking care of them!

I think I love gardening since long ago, but I had something that was holding me back from ‘touching’ the dirt. But lately I have found my vibe connecting with plants, and it gives me chill and of course, it calms myself.

I also talk to them, lol. I tell them whenever I'm going to water them, I tell them to grow smoothly, even I tell them I'm so afraid that they'll die soon. Hopefully not

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3. Cooking / Making something to consume (eat or drink)

I don’t know why but for me cooking is the best way to have a calmer and clearer soul, at least when I feel ‘no feeling’. Cooking gives me a distraction which honestly a good distraction, really. Especially desserts!

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4. Learning

This is the simplest thing to do when you’re stuck. Learning does not mean you have to “learn” like a school kid, it's more like finding inspiration or watering your brain with full knowledge which are easy to access and fill them into your brain.

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5. Decorating

Similar to decluttering, decorating is more like "create something" based on your preference. You can use your creativity and when it's done, you will thank yourself for being so good at decorating your space. Try it!

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That's all for me. Hope this can be beneficial for the Hearters, Cheers!
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