Hey Guys, I want to help people better prepare for college. I know from experience the first year can be hard. They expect you to know exactly what you need with no in tell on what is important and what is a waste of money, space, and just overall not needed. When I started I brought so much stuff that took up so much space and I didn’t even use it that much. Here are some things that I took that I didn’t need/use:

I took my tv with me but I mainly watched on my laptop because the tv ended up taking up so much space on my desk and I was rarely ever in my room.

I brought all of my books and I read 3 physical books while I was there, I mainly read books on my phone or books for classes.

I brought a lot of desk supplies that just sat on my desk. All you really need are the basics like staplers, printer, paper, pens/pencils, sticky notes, flashcards, and whatever you need for your classes.

I brought useless bathroom things that I rarely used at home. I just wanted to bring them.

I brought teas and coffees that I didn’t like so that took up space and I ended up throwing them away when I came home.

I recommend bringing:

I recommend that you always take something that you enjoy to do (like paint supplies, writing supplies, photography stuff) things that will keep you busy during dead times on camp and times when your friends have to study or do school work.

I suggest having a separate pair of flip flops for showering and for walking to the bathroom in the middle of the night. Some colleges only have their dorms cleaned once a day and only on weekdays they can be really nasty.

I recommend always having a jacket for cold days if you decide to bring warm clothes until fall because you never know the weather.

Make sure you have cleaning supplies because not all colleges have a front desk in the dorms where you can borrow these things. (Mop, vacuum, broom, disinfectants)

Make sure that you keep something to eat in your room at all times. ( I cannot tell you how many times I passed out after class and missed lunch or dinner times)

Bring earbuds for quiet hours and a speaker for when you take showers or hang out with friends

If you love coffee bring a keurig, not only can you make coffee but if you do not put in a pod you can get hot water for tea bags or even cups of noodles. (plus it saves space)

Bring extra blankets because it can get colder during the cooler nights when they still have the air on.

Buy a rug! Trust saves your feet on wood floors and on tile during the winter

BRING EXTRA STORAGE BINS AND DRAWERS!!! They do not provide enough for your space.

VISIT THE COLLEGE!! I took pictures of the dorms that they showed me so that I would be able to decide how much I could bring and where I could put stuff

BUY A WAX WARMER!!! Helps with keeping the room smelling nice especially of you cook in your room.

Bring a microwave and a mini fridge to cook and store food.