Today I felt like writing about autumn because every year it makes me feel a certain type of way. Fall fashion, coffee shops and rainy days are some of my favorite things about this season. However, fall is nothing without the colorful leaves and the beauty of nature.

autumn image
Views like this make me feel so relaxed.

I also feel like a lot of people see the beginning of autumn as a new beginning for their lives. I like to think that way too, because starting another year for example at school or university kind of gives you a new beginning anyway.

Motivation to do things is a key for me to move forward and closer to my goals. After summer I often feel very motivated to have a daily routine and work towards new achievements. That helps a lot every year when I have to start studying in August.

study, book, and college image

I'm someone who is massively affected by everything around me. Also being a dancer, music plays a huge role in my daily life. In fall I find myself dancing to acoustic music more than normally, because it just makes me feel calm and kind of sense the peaceful vibes around me.

Image by AtaDeniz✅
Dance is my favorite form of art.
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In conclusion, I guess autumn to me means enjoying the season, taking care of myself and being able to plan my life ahead, but also living in the moment.

- Eve