Hey y'all!

I love meeting new people and getting to know their story, I think there is just something so beautiful within it so that's why I'm making this article. I want to make new friends all around the world hoping to get some lifelong friendships <33 I've met some of my now closest friends through these kind of articles so I hope I could have the same experience now too!

About me

My name is Sara, I'm almost 17 years old (turning in December) girl who lives in Northern Europe. And let's be honest, I look like that stereotypical northern girl who doesn't get sun any longer than 4 months in a year haha

What do I like to do?
  • spending time with my friends, doing society work, talking on facetime
  • listening to good music and podcasts, taking photos, traveling, doing crazy spontanious things!
  • learning languages such as Swedish (pretty well) and Spanish (only a lil bit), running, playing guitar and spending time in the nature
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How am I like?
  • I'm an extroverted ambivert (if that's even a thing haha) who doesn't always like to take life too seriously :)
  • my friends have described me to be ambitious, patient, calm and having a good situation comedy
  • I love deep conversations and talking untill day turns into night
  • I also like going out with my friends and having fun dancing and making fun memories!
What are my favourites?
  • series and movies: Modern Family, Mamma Mia, Hangover, Spinning Out, The F*ck It List...
  • random: european nature, beaches, criminology, psychology, languages, social studies, physics and everything that goes into those categories :)
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Potentional friendship material?

Please feel free to message me here if you want to talk! Your religion, nationality, sexuality etc. doesn't matter but I prefer you to be around my age and kind and trust-worthy person :) Also you can message me anytime you see this article.
We can talk here, in snapchat or in instagram!

I hope you'll have a great day and stay safe! ♡

Virtual hugs and love, Sara