I have been putting this note off for a while now... Also dog owners especially read! Please & Thank you!

What is responsible pet ownership exactly? It isn’t a one for all type deal as this topic is heavily subjective and debated. Here are my views and what I think is proper. Some of what I am about to say is commonsense I believe, but a lot of people just allow it to go over their heads! So here is my list of what I think EVERY person should do before getting a pet animal of any kind!

1: Do your research! You would think this is commonplace, but it actually isn’t with many people I have come across. When I rehome my rats some of the people are surprised to learn something new. Others ask questions and I give them the low down. Also it is not wise to put all of your trust into a pet store or shelter, not all of them know their stuff and some things are controversial. Before you get the pet you want make sure you do 2 things; one... research everything from behavior to health, proper nutrition, genetic make up, proper housing, treats and two... find a breeder before you buy an animal from the pet store or a place like craigslist or kijiji. A breeder who is kind and reputable will educate you and tell you if the pet you want is right for you!

2: Rehome your pet responsibly! Before I decided to rehome my cat I knew exactly the type of home I needed her to go. She is a gentle girl who could not be around dogs so I made sure that the type of home she would go to suited her needs! Thankfully she ended up going to a lovely home with 2 people and no other pets also we stay in touch! This is part of being a responsible pet owner and this is something to ponder about for the future because some situations will force us to rehome our pets even if we don’t want to. Other lesser extreme situations like rehoming a pet due to having a baby is another common situation. I do not condemn these people because I believe that the baby comes first in every situation, no matter what. If you have rehomed because you’ve had a baby please understand that you were NOT being selfish! You were merely taking care of your family!!! You just need to make sure that your pet goes to a decent home so to avoid being abused, ect. When a person feels the need to rehome their pet this is actually them taking responsibility because they know that mentally, financially or physically or in whatever way possible they cannot care for that animal the way they once did.... so please people I urge you to stop criticizing these people! I have seen one too many times where people were getting slandered for simply needing to rehome their animal and that is NOT okay!!!

3: Think about all of the possibilities before getting a pet! So think about that dog that you want to get. Do you have it in you to properly train that dog? If that dog becomes a barker will you train that out of them or risk them being taken away by animal control? Do you have the funds and the means necessary to care for that animal until it dies? Will you think about putting money aside in the event of an emergency? 30$ a month adds up! Do you understand by-laws about your pet? Ever thought about pet insurance? If you’re a low income family can you at least set money aside for an euthanasia in the event something happens? When you want to travel do you know people who are willing to watch your pets or can you afford to find a really good pet hotel? Do you want a sound animal bred for a purpose or can you handle the unknown from the shelter? The list goes on, just get to brain storming!

Well this is it for now! I may add more later and if you have any ideas shoot them my way. ^_^

Remember.... Responsible pet ownership starts with you!